Emily Shapiro

Emily Shapiro

6 Snapchat Rules to Live by

Let’s talk about Snapchat. It is the perfect way to keep in touch with people without really having anything to say; and the perfect place to say everything you want, with the safety net of it disappearing after it’s been read. However, it can be a lot of work. You scroll through a hundred stories that you don’t really care about, just to get rid of the notifications. Then you go back and watch your close friends’ posts. If you get a snap from that ~special someone~ you’ve been wanting to talk to, timing is everything; those pimple cream, low ponytail bedtime selfies are super cute, right? And how can we forget streaks. The attitude towards streaks ranges from protecting them at all costs to “meh.”

So, you made a ton of friends during summer camp, travels, jobs, internships, programs, and long hangs by the pool. You added each of these new friends on Snapchat too, and now, you have over thirty streaks to maintain. Are there any measures too drastic to take to make sure no streaks are lost? The answer to that question is “yes”. Take a chill pill. Here’s my best advice on how to find that proper Snapchat etiquette: how to maintain your streaks and keep your chat vibes on the healthy side.
Fleeting Friends: If you are never going to see this person again, end it. That random girl you talked to once at the beach, or that kid from work who lives three towns away: you both know neither of you is making the drive to hang out. These people won’t be upset, and it’s time to let go.

Long Distance Friends:  Your LD-BFF who lives in another country but knows about every detail of your life because you talk every day? Of course, should stay! Texting and calling overseas can be expensive, so Snapchat is a smart option, since it uses WiFi.
Acquaintances: Friends from home that you don’t plan on getting any closer to can go. If you and that boy in your biology class don’t end up in a single class together this coming fall, you can end it with no hurt feelings.

Friend Interests: If there is someone whom you want to get closer with, use your streak as an excuse to get closer. Start a conversation, and maybe on day #100, see where things have gone!? Make real life plans to meet and connect!

Getting a Snapchat Sitter: Your family decided to take you hiking for a few days…without internet. If you have streaks over seventy-five, give your password to a trustworthy friend and have them maintain your streaks. Otherwise, let them go. Your streak-obsessed friends will forgive you…eventually.
Everyone Else: Of course, there are some random people who don’t fall into any of the above categories. Make choices about how much time you want to invest, take a chill approach, and do what you want. Only engage if it’s fun and easy for you.

All in all, Snapchat will always be a fun way to stay connected with your friends. It keeps us silly and grounded with hilarious filters and ugly selfies that go away after ten seconds, so those chins can be kept between you and your BFFs. Don’t let the length of a streak define your friendships, or be the only thing holding you together. Prioritize going out and spending time with your friends in real life, or having a six hour Facetime date with a camp friend from across the country.

Illustrations by Eva for Epic Sky