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Epic Sky

Art, Fashion, and an Interview with Epic Sky’s Teen Designer Jenny Assaf


Jenny is an 18 year old artist and fashion designer originally from San Francisco, CA. She uses inspiration from her everyday life to design experimental and authentic clothing. You can usually find Jenny dressing up, vintage shopping or walking around NYC (where she’s living for fashion school now). Other times you can find Jenny getting inspired by the most unconventional things; like literally whatever’s in the kitchen cabinet or something weird she just bought from the hardware store. Recently, Jenny came up with this sweatshirt idea and teamed up with Epic Sky to make it. It’s called the 7X Hoodie; inspired by girls, self expression, and not being confined to one style. You can read more about it (and Jenny) here!

Q: What kind of creative person are you (artist/painter/designer)?
A: I call myself a fashion designer, but I don’t just make clothing. I like to call my designs “wearable art”, because everything I create has a very thought-out purpose and meaning.


Q: What did you design with Epic Sky?
A: I teamed up with Epic Sky to make this epic sweatshirt which can be manipulated in different ways to express your individuality. This piece was made for any girl that wants more than just a regular sweatshirt. Depending on your mood, you can remove the hood, the sleeves, and adjust the length of the sweatshirt. It’s called the 7X Hoodie because there’s about 7 different ways you can customize it.

Q: What’s the inspiration behind the sweatshirt you created with Epic Sky?

A: This sweatshirt was created with personal style in mind. You can transform the look of the hoodie into whatever you’re feeling day to day. I want girls to feel unique, and like they can change their style whenever they want to.


Q: What’s your favorite outfit in your closet right now?
A: I love anything and everything vintage; preferably from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’90s. Right now, one of my favorites is this cropped pink and purple houndstooth wool jacket with colorful gems on the sleeves and around the jacket hem. I scored it for fifteen dollars and I know I’m going to have it forever! I feel like a glamorous queen from the movie Clueless whenever I wear it.

Q: Who are some of your biggest influences/ idols?
A:Whenever I think about who my biggest influences are, I instantly think of my family. I come from a family of four kids and two parents, and we all have completely different interests and passions, but we’re all so close and supportive of each other. Since I’m the youngest, they’ve always encouraged my potential and reminded me good things will come if I just work for them! I am very lucky to have a family that has always allowed me to follow my passions.


Q: Favorite food?
A: I love any kind of vegan dumpling with loads of Sriracha on top. I also have a HUGE sweet tooth. When I treat myself I usually have candied ginger, Japanese rice candies or Korean red bean mochi cakes.

Q: What is it that you most dislike?
A: I really, really dislike it when people criticize other people for what they’re wearing. Clothes are how we represent who we are to the world; and no one else has no right to influence or change that! I used to be so afraid to wear things out of the ordinary because I was worried other people would judge me and not get it. But then I realized there’s absolutely no way I can be my true self if I’m not dressing for myself. That’s why this sweatshirt is so awesome. We are embracing the fact that we love who we are!

Q: Why do you like working with Epic Sky?
A: I love how collaborative and encouraging the Epic Sky team is. Whenever we were discussing my sweatshirt idea, all voices were heard and all the ideas were considered. Also, I think it’s so important to start promoting female empowerment to girls at a young age! I wish I knew the term “girl power” when I was in elementary or middle school. It’s refreshing to work with a team that genuinely cares so much for the customer.


Q: How long have you been designing?
A: Since the time I could get my hands on a pair of scissors! In kindergarten I would steal my brother’s old t-shirts and chop them up until I came to something I was proud of, which was like a bathing suit, dress or a tapped-together skirt. And in elementary school I loved drawing fashion illustrations under my desk during class. Then I started sewing in sixth grade, ever since I’ve been making clothing sketches and collections.


Q: Explain a little bit about your artistic process (how do you do what you do??)
A: My first step is to look at where I’m at in life. It depends what I’m interested in or what I’ve learned recently. I always consider that and then translate it into clothing. Before I begin drawing anything I just come up with ideas for the next couple of weeks. A collection is usually inspired by a single word, idea or concept that opens up my curiosity and creativity: construction, water resistance, and Pepto-Bismol are some of my past muses. I usually write up notes in my phone. Then I’ll begin drawing and eventually start sewing! Everything I make is an experiment. I love to use unconventional materials and use things I’ve bought from the hardware store. I truly never know how anything is going to turn out.

Q: Two years ago, if you opened a magical fortune cookie with the advice that you the needed most, what would it have said?
A: Two years ago I wish I would’ve know how valuable alone time is for self growth and creative growth. In order to evolve into the person you are supposed to become, it’s so important to have time to reflect! Spending long periods of time away from friends used to make me anxious, but once I allowed myself to relax and spend energy on just myself, so many creative ideas came to me. Through creating art that I loved on my own, I learned to love myself on my own.