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The Bikini Revolution Starts Here

Usually you don’t use the words “revolution” and “bikini” in the same sentence. But once you meet Antje Worring you’ll HAVE to! She’s a 17 y/o swimsuit designer with some serious entrepreneur cred! She designed all the Epic Sky swimwear this spring and it’s kind of the best swimwear ever made. She believes in karma, art, ocean conservation, and being authentic. She’s currently living in Sausalito, surviving high school, and donating proceeds to keeping the ocean healthy. On a breezy afternoon we met up for coffee by the beach. She tells all about being sensitive, creating her business, and “spreading the love.”

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Q: Can you remember the moment you discovered you wanted to make bikinis?

A: I grew up by the beach in Miami so we would always go to the beach when I was younger. I loved the beach and I’ve always loved bikinis because that’s the fashionable part about going to the beach. I liked the bikinis that were really different and unique, but they were also really expensive. They were aimed towards people who were super rich and I wasn’t like that. I saved the money I could from my parents, but I still couldn’t afford a $300 bikini set. So the only thing that I could do was start designing and sewing my own.

Q: How did you start?

A: Ever since I was little I’ve been an artistic and creative kind of person. I always wanted to sew clothing but I never really started doing it until my sister and I were like, ‘hey we can really make these bikinis.’ We thought, ‘it’s not that much material, and it’ll be easy,’ which was TOTALLY  not true. But I just started sewing, and in the beginning they were really terrible and ugly!  But I was so convinced that I could turn them into something beautiful.

Q: When did making bikinis evolve from an interest into your passion.

A:  After I started making designs and sewing, I was just like, ‘why do I need to get a job at a fast food restaurant or whatever, I can really just start selling these!’ I also really love the environment and the idea of keeping the globe healthy, so I just put those things together and started writing business plans. There were two years where I just researched and sewed bikinis. I did everything I could to make myself a better designer and entrepreneur.


Q: What is your goal when you sit down to design a bikini?

A: I want to create something that I can really associate with. I want to design a bikini that makes me think, ‘I fit in this bikini, and this bikini fits me.’ I want it to look good, and I want it to be flattering on the body. I try to make bikini designs that can fit most body types, because I don’t want people to feel that they’re limited. I’m really trying to find an element that everyone can appreciate.

Q:  You designed the first ever Epic Sky swimwear line, can you describe what the experience was like?

A: This was my first time working together with another brand, and it was so fun! I got to work with an amazing group of women striving to help young girls with self image through fashion. In the process of designing the bikinis everyone gave a lot of constructive criticism and insight that was super helpful. I enjoyed researching and remembering my tween years; so I could truly embody a youthful, fun, and adventurous spirit with the swimwear. All in all, it was super fun and exciting, and I’m so thankful I got to be a part of it!

Q: Do most people know that you design bikinis? Are they surprised when they find out?

A:  Whenever I tell somebody that I have my own bikini line they’ll just be like, ‘wow that’s really cool’ or, ‘really I can’t believe that!’ A lot of people at school already know I have a bikini line. If people seem shocked it’s always in a good way, I definitely get good feedback from it. And I feel like a lot of people try to help me. I think it inspires kids my age to also do things outside of the box or whatever.


Q: What’s the most challenging part of what you do?

A:  I have to work with a lot of different people like my developer, the website designer, manufacturers all over the world, and the people who are making logos. It was difficult at first to verbalize exactly what I wanted. I had to develop this certain type of language to communicate with them, and it was kind of hard to figure out what that language was. But the more conversations I had with those types of people, it started becoming more fluid. Now I think I can write an email that’s way more respectable than two years ago.

Q: Where does your ambition come from?

A:  My whole life I feel like I’ve had so many people giving me these limitations like, ‘ you can’t do this,’  or ‘You can’t do that,’ because, ‘you’re a girl’, or because whatever. So when it comes to  my bikini line I think the more I work on it– the more successful it will be, and that’s what fuels my ambition.
Q: When do you feel the most appreciation/love for yourself?

A:  I feel really happy when my purpose is helping other people, when I’m doing something for more than just myself. I feel good about myself when I reach out to other people and try to make them have a better day. Those are the kinds of things that I feel proud about. I think if i’m nice to other people kindness will come back to me. I just believe in Karma a lot.


Q: How do you deal with response to your work?

A:  Sometimes I get criticism on my work and it’s really hard for me to deal with. But criticism is good. Like if people didn’t tell me, ‘oh there’s too many straps,’ or whatever, then I would just produce 300 bikinis that are perfect for me, but not for anyone else. So criticism is hard but really useful.

Q: So are you a sensitive person?

A:  I’m like overly sensitive, It’s really annoying how sensitive I am! For example I used to work as a hostess, and people would just come up to me and be so rude. I was so offended and I couldn’t really talk back to them and tell them why what they were doing was wrong or hurtful. When I was working there I would always think, ‘why am I doing this, I feel really terrible about myself when I’m here.’

Q: Two years ago, if you opened a magical fortune cookie with the advice that you the needed most, what would it have said?

A:  I think it would say, ‘as long as you love yourself people will love you back.’ I think in middle school I didn’t really love myself that much, because maybe I wasn’t feeling that much love from other people. But if you ever feel that in your life, that you’re not getting enough love from other people, start thinking about how you treat yourself. Why do you love yourself? What do you like about yourself, and what makes you happy? And once you start appreciating yourself and you respect yourself, other people will see that and respect you too.

Q: What does it mean to love yourself?

A: I think love is just appreciation. Just appreciate yourself. Appreciate that you got an A on a test because you did x amount of studying. And it’s kind of hard to do, but just appreciate that you worked hard.