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Epic Truth Tee No. 3 : Teen Designer Maren





Maren is a 15 year old artist from Mill Valley, California. She loves exploring different styles of art and is inspired by many other young artists on social media. She created an illustration for our Epic Truth Tee contest. You voted for her art and we made it into an Epic Truth T-Shirt! Learn more about Maren in the exclusive interview below!

Q: What does your Epic Truth Tee image mean to you?
A: The girl in the drawing on my shirt represents power and independence, which I love. I hope that when girls put this shirt on they feel the same way.

Q: Why do you think it’s important to express yourself?
A: I think that it’s important to express yourself so you can find out about what creative outlets you love, and what you really love about yourself.

Q: When and where are you the happiest?
A:  I’m happiest when I’m at summer camp with all of my friends. I only see those friends once a year, so those two weeks are always really fun.

Q: What are you most afraid of?
A: I’m most afraid of heights and free falling. Something about my stomach dropping terrifies me.

Q: What’s your current mood right now?
A: Right now I feel very relaxed because of summer break. I have a feeling that’s going to change once school starts again!

Q: What words or phrases do you most overuse?
A: The word that I most overuse is ‘alright’. I don’t know why, but I use it all the time.

Q: What are 5 the things you could never live without?
A: My pens and paper, my family, my passport, thrift stores, and my summer camp.

Q: What do you spend a lot of time thinking about?
A: I spend time thinking about what I’m going to draw next. I find inspiration everywhere, especially during the school year.


Q: What girl(s) or women do you admire most?
A: I’ve always admired Frida Kahlo. Her artwork is so unique and has always stood out to me since I was a little girl.

Illustration of Maren by Lizzie Suarez