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Girl Behind the Camera: Maggie Wilde

Maggie Wilde is a 17 y/o from Santa Barbara who’s a fan of empowering girl art and snapping life through her film camera. Her Instagram is basically our favorite art exhibit to creep on, and we’re always waiting for her next post. Her parents are from Canada, she’s a full time high school student at an art academy, and she spends her summer vacations in Nova Scotia. The way she sees the world is one of a kind–Here’s a glimpse at Maggie’s world through her words and UNREAL photography skills.


Q: At what moment did taking photos evolve into a passion?

A: My mum’s friend gave me a bag full of old film cameras and that’s when I really started to take photography more seriously. My curiosity spurred me to read every single manual and learn as much as I could about each camera. Since film isn’t as popular anymore, when anyone hears that I shoot film they throw their old cameras at me because they’re not using them.

Q: What is your photography about?

A: I like photography because it is the easiest and cleanest medium for me to portray my ideas. I use it as my main art form. I would love to produce art with a purpose, but right now it is mostly visuals I find pleasing, or things I day dreamed about.


Q: Do most people know that you are photographer?

A: I’m part of the visual arts and design academy at my school, so most of my friends and the people that follow my Instagram know I’m an artistic photographer.


Q: What’s the most challenging part of what you do?

A: The most challenging part of being a young artist is the age barrier. It’s really hard to be taken seriously by adults, but luckily young female artists are stepping into the spotlight lately and using their youth to make relatable and beautiful work.


Q: When do you feel the most appreciation/ love for yourself?

A: I always get giddy when I am noticed by my artistic idols, (which is so easy through social media). I also feel super confident when I can express myself and get my point across. I appreciate my strong mind and I feel pretty privileged, despite my flaws.

Q: How do you deal with response to your work? The good, the bad, and the ugly?

A: Most of the response to my work has been positive other than my own self doubt. But if you are ever getting criticism, take what is helpful but never change your style or what you love about your work.


Q: Two years ago, if you opened a magical fortune cookie with the advice that you the needed most, what would it have said?

A: It would have said, ‘take advantage of every opportunity to strengthen yourself.’ The only reason I am happy with where I am today is because I did THAT internship or emailed those samples of my work. I’ve done everything I can to further myself and my career.

Images by Maggie Wilde