Lady Stardust

Lady Stardust

July Horoscopes by Epic Astrologer Lady Stardust

It’s getting hot in here! July is a month of heightening: temperatures really start to rise and the pace of things starts to speeds up. July is sunscreen, sweat, and sometimes forgetting to sleep. It’s new friendships, new places, and new kinds of magic. You might find yourself delightfully swept up and forgetting what day of the week it is, or the speed of things might be making you a lil’ dizzy. This July it’s a good idea to pump the breaks every now and then and take note of what’s happening. Maybe you have some awesome new stories to write down in your journal, or maybe it’s time to press pause and call your friends back home. Take little moments to reflect, be grateful, and re-group.

Aries: You feel up for anything this month; ready to face new challenges and tackle bigger responsibilities. Perhaps it’s because of the bright summer sun, perhaps it’s because you feel confident in yourself and that confidence is giving you a glow that can’t be ignored. July will be a good time to seek new experiences with an open heart and mind, a time to try things you didn’t feel brave enough to do before. Don’t get stuck daydreaming or planning out all the details this month, instead trust that you are already prepared, and jump right in! Maybe it’s time to tackle your stage fright or to beat your best time in the pool. Go for it this month, your hard work will pay off.
Tip: Try a bold new lip color or hair color- go with something you have always wanted to try but were afraid you “couldn’t pull off.”

Taurus: Think about how big the world is, then, think about how big the universe is. Think about how long it takes you to even drive from one side of town to the other, THEN think about the fact that the car you drove runs off of the fossils of prehistoric creatures that died more than 65 million years ago. This might help you deal with the problems that are in front of you right now. It helps to get a bigger perspective on things; to remind us that our problems are not astronomically large and going to last forever. Don’t sweat the small stuff this month, and be sure to set aside time to marvel at how strange and amazing and gigantic the world can be. Also, how small you are in comparison.
Tip: Take yourself on a field trip to a natural history museum or planetarium.
Gemini: Every so often someone comes into your life that changes your perspective. They might challenge something that you believe or introduce you to a whole new way of looking at the world. This month is going to be one of those times. Someone is going to come along and totally sweep away some assumptions you had about the way things are. At first it’s a little startling to know that things can be so different from someone else’s perspective, but listening can allow new perspectives into your own life. Be open to listening this month, take in the stories of others and search for common ground, you may find your world opening up.
Tip: Talk to older relatives and write to pen pals from across the world, search out the stories of people who have lived lives very different from your own.

Cancer: So things aren’t going the way you planned. Your summertime crush doesn’t notice you, your best friend suddenly has another best friend, the perfect summer you envisioned isn’t looking all that perfect! However, necessity is the mother of invention, which basically means sometimes circumstances force you to find new unexpected solutions. This summer is all about searching for new ways to find happiness and contentment inside yourself. Focus on doing things that make you feel happy and excited to be alive.
Tip: When your plans don’t work out, don’t get stuck asking, “WHY ME”,  while staring up at your ceiling. Instead ask yourself,” ok, so now what?” Decide what you want to do moment to moment, and act on what you want. Dance alone in front of the mirror: appreciate how much fun you can have all by yourself.
Leo: This month you may experience strange and beautiful coincidences. You may get the feeling that you just know something without being told about it, or experience the feeling that you’ve met someone before even though you have just been introduced. Follow these intuitive moments, they may lead you to new experiences and personal growth. If you follow your curiosity this month and trust your intuition to guide you towards new experiences, you will certainly have an exciting summer.
Tip: Make sure to carry a small notepad with you to write down and keep track of the mysteries you encounter this month.
Virgo: This is a good time to practice your adulting skills. You feel inspired to cook actual food for family and friends and learn new skills like campfire building or putting together Ikea furniture.  Allow your newfound passion for self-sufficiency to bring you joy. Little home improvement projects are not only exciting and challenging, they help to cheer up everyone around you. Spending the time to learn how to cook yourself a good meal and fold your own laundry will really put you ahead of the game in the future.
Tip: Make a scrapbook or a file on your desktop of ideas and inspirations clipped from home improvement mags or your favorite food and design blogs.

Libra: This month you might feel like your emotions are running wild. Your heart feels like a wave crashing against the shore and it may become overwhelming how much you are feeling and experiencing everything. Some may say you are being a little dramatic, but it is totally normal to experience strong emotions! You have a support system of people who want to listen and help you find resolutions and healthy outlets for all the feels. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a trusted friend or grown up instead of trying to go it alone.
Tip: Channel your emotions into paintings, plays, and poems; art can sometimes act as a much needed emotional release.
Scorpio: This month my best advice is to investigate. Don’t let gossip or word of mouth determine your actions, and be sure to examine every angle before you make a decision. We all act on impulses sometimes, and we want to believe our friends no matter what, but make sure to double check and question what you are told, one perspective is not always enough to understand the whole story. It’s important because the choices you make affect those around you. Focus on making decisions that you feel really good about, that feel solid, and right.
Tip: Make choices in favor of fairness, consider how your choices will affect others. Hint: think about the benefit of everyone around you, not just your own benefit.

Sagittarius: This month is about using your positivity to make other’s lives better. You are well known as the life of the party, but you also care deeply for others and it shows. Your spirit and compassion will shine through this month, and you are going to find it deeply satisfying to do work that benefits your community in creative ways. This can happen in so many ways big or small- it might be taking the time to sit down and chat with an older relative, or challenging your whole soccer team to participate in a food drive. Your joy and spirit are going to shine through this month.
Tip: Get involved in volunteering this July. Work at a community garden, take a shift at a soup kitchen, ask yourself, ” how can I help?”
Capricorn: You are not one to back down from a challenge but sometimes it’s important to know when to accept help. Just because you can take on something by yourself doesn’t mean that you have to. Others aren’t offering to help because they think you can’t do it on your own; (they are trying to be supportive). But if you need some help, just say the word. Being open to support and collaboration can actually help you reach your goals this July. Open up to new collaborations and partnerships, and you may find yourself sharing your passions with someone who has similar goals.
Tip: Make sure to show your appreciation this month by leaving handwritten notes for friends and family who’ve helped you this July.

Aquarius: Sometimes you get stuck in your head and end up making things more complicated for yourself. To avoid this situation, talk things over with a friend and check in before you get nervous thinking about all the what if’s. You are so ready for the challenges ahead of you this month, so take a step back, try to do some deep breathing and face down the unknown like the champion you are. Half of being brave is being ready, and you ARE ready, now all you have to do is show up.
Tip: Practice deep breathing and meditation exercises this month. Remind yourself you’ve got this, give yourself positive thoughts and patience.

Pisces: This month look out for beauty in everyday life. The light rippling on the pond by your house, your baby sibling’s gurgles and mumbles, the way music in your headphones makes you want to dance; these joys are what make every day unique and beautiful. Allow your love of small wonders to inspire you this month and your creativity will flow and shine. The small moments that you collect may start to form a pattern or a story of their own. It is a story that is unique to you, nobody else can tell it.
Tip: Capture fleeting moments by trying your hand at photography or making videos. Take out your journal and write down a list of the little joyful moments you feel daily.

Illustrations by Regina