Lady Stardust

Lady Stardust

May Horoscopes from Astrologer Lady Stardust


The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer! Time almost seems to grow this month, and newness is on the map for all signs in May! Check out what that means for you and peep these empowering predictions from astrologer Lady Stardust!

Aries: You might need to have a difficult conversation with a friend this month. Sometimes it’s really hard to tell people that they’ve hurt you. Especially if you’re feeling angry, it may be difficult to even broach the subject. Expressing your feelings WITHOUT exploding into a blubbering mess is a skill, and actually everyone has to work at this, so you’re not alone. This doesn’t mean you have to hide your emotions or pretend everything is ok. You’re not a bad friend for feeling angry or hurt, and May is a great time to practice expressing these feelings.
Tip: Start by writing a letter to your friend talking about the way you feel. It’s ok if you need to read this letter to a trusted friend or adult while you’re working on it. Once you feel ready, you can read the letter to your friend as a way to start a conversation about your feelings.

Taurus: There’s an unlikely friendship in store for you this month. Give your time and energy to people you’ve been curious about. Just because someone’s quiet or different from you, doesn’t mean you won’t get along with them. Make a little effort to connect with people you’ve been appreciating from afar. This might lead to friendship, realizing shared interests, new projects or adventures.
Tip: Sit with someone new at lunch, invite a new friend over for a movie night, find creative ways to bring new friends into your life this month, just in time for your birthday!

Gemini: There are a lot of possibilities for this summer and you’re not sure which path you want to take. Your skills and talents have lead you to choices that might mean you have to take a step towards the future. Instead of spending long summer days hanging out with your family, you might choose to go away to gymnastics camp or get serious about learning how to sew.  Choose what you feel passionate about, and you’ll end up with something to show for it.
Tip: Start a personal blog and get ready to write about the passions you choose to work on this summer.

Cancer: A good friend is really going to need your support this month. You are such a warm and reliable shoulder to lean on, and this friend will reach out to you because of that. You are always ready to come over and watch Mean Girls/ eat ice cream if someone you care about is feeling down. People trust you and open up to you because you are so loving, but it’s important to remember that you cannot be someone’s ONLY source of support. Give your friend attention and kindness, but if the situation gets too heavy, make sure you speak up, tell an adult, or ask for back up.
Tip: It’s important to take care of your self while you take care of others, make sure to take time for yoga, drawing, riding your bike, or whatever activities make you feel whole and true.

Leo: Just because you’re not the best at something does not mean it’s not worth trying. I’m not saying you should go join the step team if you have two left feet, but maybe sit in on practice, or ask your friend on the step team to give you a lesson, secretly. It is so important to challenge yourself and get outside your comfort zone. You might end up learning a new skill and feeling more confident in what you can do. Don’t be a perfectionist, and don’t let your pride get in the way, go for whatever you’re interested in, and forget about becoming pro.
Tip: Making DIY bath bombs is an easy and sudsy way to reward yourself for getting out of your comfort zone. Don’t judge your performance when you try new things, just enjoy the journey.

Virgo: Sometimes the world sings songs that only you can hear. In May you will learn to express your own unique perspective. Seeing things in a different way is so important, and it’s time to share your unique point of view. It might make you feel shy at first, but others will start to catch on to the way you see the world, it might be through laughter or poetry or music, maybe it’s through journalism or even dance. Doing something differently doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong.
Tip: Go to a poetry open mic night, post pictures of your art on Instagram, and be bold with your expression.

Libra: Lately you’ve been feeling singled out. Your math teacher always calls on you to write on the board or your mom is always harping on you to do the chores. You might be wondering why people are picking on you, but maybe there’s a way to turn this attention around. People notice what you do because they see you are special. They care that you learn to do things well. Although it may be annoying, if you can live up to people’s big expectations they will trust you even more.
Tip: Practice affirmations. Look in the mirror and say, “No matter what happens today, I am strong and smart and brave.” Having confidence in yourself will help you live up to every day challenges.

Scorpio: This month has got you all cheesy, with the weather warming up and the school year coming to a close, you can’t help but look back and say, “aww.” Don’t be embarrassed that  you’re feeling sentimental! You might find that those close to you are feeling it too, and it’s a great time to form stronger bonds as you reflect on the great and hysterical moments from the past year.
Tip: Make a scrapbook! Save your photos, old ticket stubs, and napkin doodles. Your grandkids might want to see those one day, or maybe you will look back on them later- and be amazed at how cool you were.

Sagittarius: You may find yourself looking at a blank piece of paper and hearing crickets. You might ask yourself, “Where’s my creativity?  My flow of inspiration?” Don’t get down on yourself, creating something from nothing is hard! We need outside sources of inspiration to help us access our own brilliant ideas! Look at books and magazines that you love, recognize what you like about them and how they tell their stories. Sometimes you have to search for inspiration when it doesn’t find you first.
Tip: Make story boards, collages and mood boards. You might find it’s easier to start once you have some structure and ideas set up.

Capricorn: Remember to make time for fun this month. Playing is the way we learn when we are just babies, and we still need room for unstructured time to dream and be silly as we get older. If you make time in your schedule to play, you might find that your concentration and ability to get things done will improve the rest of the time. Making time to run around and be 100% a weirdo is so underrated – bring it back and embrace it.
Tip: Make a music video with your friends or draw a comic book, hang out with your little brother who’s too young to talk. Do things that simply make you feel happy this month.

Aquarius: Oh nooo! You feel like you really messed up. You did or said something so embarrassing in public. It’s going to take Khloe Kardashian’s PR team to get over this, but take a step back Aquarius, it’s important to remember that everyone messes up sometimes. Nobody is perfect all the time, we all say things we wish we hadn’t, we all get caught texting in class and we all accidentally trip over our own shoe laces. A lot of the time people are so caught up in trying to deal with their own lives that they’re not even paying attention to what you are doing. If the situation calls for it, own up to your mistake, people around you will be understanding.
Tip: Sometimes recovering from embarrassment is all about being able to laugh at your mistakes. Be the first to lol and forgive yourself this month.

Pisces: You feel unstoppable this month, like the sun and water and air are all high-fiving you. It’s time to celebrate the world coming back to life, your energy is creative and brand new like the fresh green grass. Your good vibes are radiating off of you and making others feel the power of positivity! So it’s a great time to start working towards your most out there goals. With all this passion you are going to get a lot done fast, and feel really empowered while you do it!
Tip: Listen to this spring playlist by Lizzie Suarez, get in the creative zone, and begin to work on your masterpiece.

Illustrations by Jazz Coker