Lady Stardust

Lady Stardust

Spring Horoscopes for April 2016

Spring is a time of new opportunities, growth and change. You might be feeling bright-eyed and as fresh as the new spring flowers, or you may be feeling a little surprised by all the sudden newness. Be open to transformation, and embrace the season! Check out our April predictions from astrologer Lady Stardust, and learn more about what spring holds for you!

ariesAries: What goes around really comes around this month. If negative circumstances come up and you feel a little hurt, try to stay positive, think good thoughts, and put energy into changing things for the better. Try not to judge, fight, or get even – that’ll leave you feeling full of anger and distress! Instead, transform the negative energy that unexpectedly comes your way. That might mean cutting a toxic friend out of your life, or even tackling unfair policies at your school. Positive action and change are important this April. If you come at situations with your best intentions, good energy will come back to you and help you to grow.
Tip: With all the stress in your social life this month, it’s a good time to take care of your body. Drink tea with ginger and honey, make your own salt scrub, take a long bath.

taurusTaurus: At your worst you are stubborn and at your best you are super loyal. You’re great at making decisions and sticking to them. BUT, sometimes you don’t consider all of your options. This month allow yourself to back track, flip flop, and be wishy washy. Sometimes you feel like you are under so much pressure to make choices right away, but it’s okay to tell people in your life that you need time and space to make the decisions that are right for you. Take advice from others, but be assertive about what you need, or what you need to change. Give yourself time to think through your decisions and you will feel more satisfied with the results.
Tip: When you have important decisions to make this month, start by drawing a pro/con list on a whiteboard in your bedroom. Jot down pros and cons, and allow yourself a few days to look it over.

geminiGemini: April will be all about being true to yourself. This might mean taking time to be alone, practicing mindfulness or getting back to writing in your journal. By getting to know yourself as a cluster of influences, feelings, talents and setbacks, you are getting to know the true you! It is a great time to listen to all the music you can on YouTube and raid your dad’s record collection, to take long walks alone, to eavesdrop in coffee shops and write short stories about what you hear. Watch the creative pathways unfold as you spend time with your first ever BFF: YOU!
Tip: Practice mindfulness, write in your journal, spend time being creative!

cancerCancer: In April you will be searching for new ways to make sense of who you are and where you came from (that might be why you are reading this horoscope right now!) You might feel a little ungrounded with a new group of friends, or in a difficult science class for the first time. During this transitional time it might feel good to remember where you came from: look at family photo albums or actually call your grandma for once. Seriously, feeling a connection with your heritage can help you to gain a deeper understanding of your identity. Getting a better grasp on your identity is going to give you comfort and confidence when you find yourself in a new environments.
Tip: Ask family members about what you were like as a kid, listen to their stories, explore specific traditions from your heritage.

leoLeo: If you always feel like you are under pressure, think about how much of it comes from inside yourself. You got an 80% on your math test, your parents are already bugging you about college, you’re pretty good at fire hula hooping but not the best ever; this is a reminder that nobody’s perfect all the time. Find ways to take it easy and relieve stress this month. Trust that you can take on the challenges that come your way! Take time to do things that make you happy outside of schoolwork and extracurriculars.
Tip: Dance with friends or alone in your room, go for a run, hang out with pups at a dog park! Find ways to shake off the pressure that you’ve been feeling.

virgoVirgo: Take time to set your intentions towards your hopes and dreams. Be serious about setting goals for yourself and undertake practices that help you accomplish them. Practice will allow you to develop skills and confidence. By working a little bit every day on a skill like drawing, playing the piano, or lion taming (whatever floats your boat), not only are you improving, but you are growing more confident, and ready to share your talents with the world.
Tip: Set a goal this month and work on it a little bit every day to gain skills and confidence.

libraLibra: In April you will feel unstoppable! You’ll feel like the first warm day after a long winter, like the first bite of a chocolate croissant or like, sixteen adorable cat videos all in one video. That joy radiating out of you will be felt by those around you, it’s going to make for a good flow in your social life this month, and even make group projects feel like a breeze! Take this inspiration and roll with it, see where it leads you.
Tip: Be open to unexpected opportunities this month. Share and collaborate, your can-do attitude is going to encourage others to do their best.

scorpioScorpio: You are starting to feel at home in your own skin this month. You are growing more comfortable expressing your true self, and letting your personality shine through. It might feel cool to see your name on the program of your school play, or on the wall next to a piece of art that you made, it might feel weird and exciting to realize, “hey, I did that!” You are going to find support in the form of an inspiring teacher or superstar friend. Make sure to show some love to those who are cheering you on this month and give them a shout out for being so flippin great, they will really appreciate it.
Tip: Don’t be afraid to express yourself this month, show your art to strangers and friends, wear that scarf you secretly knitted last winter when you were bored. Let your creativity shine.

sagittariusSagittarius: You have an ability to appreciate things and pay close attention to details others neglect. Your friends might say “stop obsessing” about Cameron Dallas or nail tutorials but like, don’t. Paying close attention is a form of love! And it can end in you learning a thing or two (like how to do an aquarium nail manicure, dude.) Maybe you can turn your obsession into your own nail art business, or a Cameron Dallas Tumblr read by thousands! Let your passion and your enthusiasm guide you this month, you just might be onto something.
Tip: follow your instincts. fully embrace your nerdy-ness, geek out and don’t let anyone get you down for being enthusiastic.

capricornCapricorn: April will be all about turning to face the unknown. Embracing the strange might be about getting on an airplane alone for the first time ever, or taking a dance class even though you have stage fright. By embracing the things that push you outside of your comfort zone this month, you are opening up the wardrobe and stepping into Narnia; you have no idea what’s over there but it’s definitely an adventure! At first it might feel so weird, but you might find yourself growing to love what you find.
Tip: Practice positive affirmations as a part of your daily routine, feeling positive about yourself will boost your confidence as you face new experiences.

AquariusAquarius: You are going to feel the pull of the great outdoors this month. Mountains are going to sing to you, coastlines will call from postcards at the gas station. Follow this pull towards nature. It’s a great time to get active outside. Nature inspires you to write poems, to sing at the top of your lungs, it has given you something to look forward to as the winter dragged on endlessly. Going on a backpacking trip or a canoeing adventure with family or friends could be exciting and inspirational for you this month.
Tip: look for sources of power and inspiration in your environment. Spend time at a local nature conservatory or a national park.

piscesPisces: This month you might take a really brave step in opening up to someone close to you. It might be having an all night chat with a new friend, or opening up to a trustworthy adult about things that have been tough for you lately. It feels so great to finally get things off your chest and have someone to confide in, and it is going to clear the air up around you. It might feel scary at first to let someone into your brain, but it’s good to remember that everyone has struggles, and one day they might ask you to return the favor.
Tip: Appreciate your friends, have everyone over for a movie marathon with so many desserts and snacks to show your love.

Illustrations By Jazzmyn Coker