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The Struggle is REAL: Here’s Why

Written by the experts at Shimmer Teen especially for Epic Sky

Ever feel like you have way too much to think about and do? Feeling tired? Impatient? Annoyed with your parents and some of your friends? You are definitely not alone. In middle school life definitely gets more complicated. If you feel like you can’t deal, here’s why:

1. Body changes. Aside from causing you to get taller, start your period, and need to buy bras, the physical changes of puberty can affect your energy, sleep, and confidence.

2. More intense emotions. Having mood swings? Your brain is developing (and will until your 20s!), and this can cause you to have strong reactions to things like stress and rejection. Don’t feel bad about yourself for your short fuse!

3. More Responsibilities & Less Free Time. Starting in middle school, more homework, along with longer sports practices, tournaments, performances, part-time jobs, and other extracurricular activities mean you have less time to just hang out. And, more intense responsibilities also mean greater expectations from parents, teachers, and coaches.


4. More drama with friends and crushes. While you’ll always be able to count on a bunch of your besties, middle and high school are also times when friendships are tested. Other people are feeling the same things you’re stressed about, and competition for popularity, grades, sports achievement, and attention from crushes can make things awkward.

Together, physical and emotional changes, stressful amounts of homework, busy schedules, and friend drama shape your everyday experiences. And, it’s normal to have moments where you’re wondering how to handle it all. The good news is that that there are tons of proven (and sometimes surprising) ways to beat your stress and boost your happiness. Journaling and eating the right foods do wonders. So does surrounding yourself with people who accept and support you. For more info, check out this list: 6 Things to Do When You Just Can’t Deal.

Illustrations by Jazz Coker for Epic Sky

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