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Epic Sky

Summer Horoscopes For June 2016

June is a month for dreaming and scheming! With time off from school, there’s more space to celebrate friendships, take time to relax, and pursue passions. The summer sun makes anything seem possible this month! Read on to get some astrological insight and tips to help you shine on!

ariesAries: Over the past few months you have worked really hard to grow in your personal relationships. You’re now seeing all the good energy and work you’ve put in coming back to you. You’ve developed trust with the people close to you, and now it’s time to celebrate you! Pay attention to all your weird and unique interests, notice how you do things differently than others, honor the parts of you that you worry others won’t understand.
Tip: Make June a month of friend dates, plan fun outings with your besties to hang out one on one. When your friends ask, “ What do you want to do? ”, it’s time for you to choose the plans. Pick what you’ll have the most fun doing, your friends will love being in your presence while you embrace the weird things you love. Share the parts of your personality that you sometimes guard from others.
taurusTaurus: During the school year it sometimes feels like you have too many responsibilities – there’s almost no time to stop and relax your brain. But guess what, June is the perfect time to smell the flowers and chill, to look out at the open sky without thinking about homework or math tests. Did you know that in Seoul, South Korea they held the first ever  “Space-Out Competition” this year? Contestants were challenged to maintain a stable heart rate while zoning out, but listening to music, reading and sleeping were prohibited. Take a tip from the South Koreans and challenge yourself to just be this month.
Tip: Try aromatherapy, learn how to meditate, do whatever it takes get in the relaxation zone this month.

geminiGemini: You are used to being the star of the show. People listen to you because of your presence and your shining personality, but this month is about learning how and when to shine the spotlight on others. Because of your natural leadership skills, you have the power to give confidence, and promote the voices of those who might be less comfortable speaking up. How can you empower others, lend a hand, and help others to express their their stories and talents?
Tip: Use social media to promote friends’ projects and events, help out backstage at a play, volunteer to table for a no-kill animal shelter.

cancerCancer: This month the pressure is on when it comes to social situations. You may find yourself caring about being seen at all the right parties and on Wednesdays you might be wearing pink. It’s important to remember who your true friends are in June; people who actually want to hear about your hopes and dreams, stare up at the stars with you at night, and laugh with you for hours on end. You may find that sticking with those who make you feel good about yourself will help you get relief from the social pressures bogging you down.
Tip: Let the people closest to you know they are loved, with crafts! Nothing says,” sorry I ditched you to hang out at a boring party “,  like a handmade card and a pan of triple layer brownies.

leoLeo: This month might ask you to balance your tough side with your tender side. Instead of running away from your feels, now is a good time to learn how to embrace them. It is sometimes scary to reveal your emotions, but opening up can strengthen bonds with those close to you. So remember Leo, it takes courage to be tender. And it’s also totally worth it.
Tip: Spell it out! Journaling, writing poetry or even drawing comics can be a good way to understand your own feelings and help you process them. Maybe you can open up to some very special people around you. Share that poem you wrote, discuss something you painted, appreciate your emotional self, and give others a chance too.
virgoVirgo: June will be all about teamwork for you. Maybe you will start up an all grrl punk band, or share your dream of creating your own fashion line. Projects are stronger and more fun with friends. Although working together presents its challenges, ultimately collaboration gives you someone to bounce ideas around with; it’s good to have a partner in crime for brainstorming and problem solving. Now is the time to start making your creative visions a reality!
Tip: Look to other girl collaborations for inspiration! Listen to Fifth Harmony, check out Amandala Stenberg’s art collective on Instagram, grab inspiration from all the girl groups in sight. Start with an idea, and then call your friends over ASAP.

libraLibra: The June air will give you wanderlust. There are so many beautiful places you have yet to see. You may find yourself following travel blogs obsessively, and it may feel like adventure is far away and unreachable, but sometimes you can find it in your backyard. The next town over can feel like a different country with the right attitude and a sense of curiosity. Explore local attractions, learn local history, move through parts of town you have never explored, and eat cuisines you have never tried before. Remember, adventure is more about your outlook than your location.
Tip: Invite friends to go on a local adventure with you. Pack your bag, bring your camera, and see things with fresh and inquisitive eyes.

scorpioScorpio: The world can be a confusing place; June may leave you with more questions than answers. Maybe your circle of friends is changing or maybe you find you are growing out of old hobbies and passions, but not sure what comes next. Your challenge this month is to embrace not knowing everything right away, answers will come with time and by the end of the month you will begin to see some clarity.
Tip: The unknown can feel so overwhelming, getting some exercise can help you clear your head and allow you to feel calm. A good long walk or swim might allow you to experience some relief. Accept that you can keep moving despite not having everything figured out.
sagittariusSagittarius: This is a month to let your imagination run free. Follow where it leads you. Maybe you see enchanted landscapes or fantastical creatures, maybe you see a Harry Potter sub plot involving two of the more minor characters, maybe you see things so spectacular a pen and paper can’t even hold them – so you start building with wood and tools in your backyard. Embrace this time and let your creativity take the wheel.
Tip: Creativity comes in many shapes and forms, you may find that carpentry or dance or even dog training are more your style than traditional creative outlets like painting or drawing.

capricornCapricorn: June will be a month of experiments; a new haircut, a new outlook, a brand new style; it’s a good time to test things and see what sticks. If those around you are worried about these changes, saying things like “you are growing up too fast!”, or “you aren’t being true to yourself”, let them in on your journey; it’s not about becoming a different person, it’s about being happy with the person you are and expressing yourself. Also identity is fun, you get to decide who you become, and no one else gets to decide that but you.
Tip: Hair chalk is a good way to test out wild colors before you commit to a look. Play dress-up like you used to, and stop telling yourself you “can’t” wear certain styles of clothing.
AquariusAquarius: You feel ready to take on big things this summer, so set a goal for yourself and stick to it this month. Maybe it is beating your own time around the track, or finally starting to write that novel you’ve been dreaming up for months. It may not always be a breeze to follow your dreams, but it’s going to be so exciting and rewarding. You are ready, so don’t listen to that lil’ hater voice in your head that says you can’t do it. Taking the first step is always scary, but you’re on the right path.
Tip: Grab your calendar and create benchmarks towards your goal, pick dates to motivate yourself. Remember to give yourself lots of positive affirmation and patience as you take on your ambitious project.
piscesPisces: Sometimes it’s ok to want a little privacy. From time to time we all need to shut the door and listen to the same album on repeat while painting our nails. This month it may be important that you assert yourself in order to maintain boundaries that you need to stay sane. It’s actually really great to pipe up, be honest, and say, “Hey, I care about you but I would really enjoy being alone right now.” As a matter of fact, healthy boundaries can help to maintain strong relationships, so remember to take time for you!
Tip: Take a night off of friends and family and get in your Netflix zone, eat a lot of popcorn, slather on a face mask, enjoy some time being truly alone.

Illustrations by Jazz Coker